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Proven Success: 100% grade improvement

As a working professional, your schedule rapidly changes with business demands, and you definitely don’t have the time and energy to spare for homework. That is why you need a language coach. Rather than following a rigid curriculum, I offer easy, practical, and entertaining classes in English. These classes are tailored to your situation and skill level, and you will see immediately usable results even after a single lesson.

Proven Teaching Method, Rapid Resutls. 

To make sure that you get the most efficient gains, I combine a time-proven teaching method combined with 8 years of refinement as well as on-the-spot adaptation. Using my approach, students are able to achieve significantly faster results than with conventional methods.

Customized ​Participation Easy, Fun, and effective

Learning is an act of participation. To learn a new language effectively, students need to understand and internalize the use of it. For that to happen, they need to speak and listen to it to gain proficiency. In my lessons, I make participation easy, fun, and effective.

Fast Immediately Usable Results In a Single Lesson

This is the fastest way to pick up a new language, you will see improvements faster than you would in traditional classes. You will quickly build a good working knowledge that help you thrive in daily life. In fact, I am confident that you will see immediately usable results even in a single lesson. No need to take notes, simply come as you are after work and see what I can do for your practical language skills! 

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Enjoyable Lessons with Maximum Involvement

Designed for maximum student involvement, my lessons involve guided practice in a lighthearted environment. We will proceed with phrases and questions that are just difficult enough to challenge you. While you are practicing, you will receive quick and easy corrections that will not interrupt the flow of your sentence. With each correction, you learn more. With my experience in adapting material, I am able to personalize our practice sessions, using familiar names and situations. This can significantly speed up the learning process
The pace of classes immerses students in the language. Repetition engages the memory, while frequent revision of the ground already covered encourages accuracy. By choosing topics that are just difficult enough to challenge you, you will be able to improve your grammar and increase your vocabulary in a step-by-step manner.


“I came to Jonie because I was filming a movie in Hong Kong and needed to learn some basic language skills, and she helped me learn much more Cantonese in a short amount of time than I had expected. She is very kind and very patient. She is a very good teacher (and btw a certified hypnotist!), highly recommended! Thank you for your help, Jonie.”

Mason Lee 李淳,

Hollywood Actor,


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